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Oraboo - Biodegradable Electric Toothbrush Heads Compatible with OralB*

Oraboo - Biodegradable Electric Toothbrush Heads Compatible with OralB*


🌍 Biodegradable – Our heads are biodegradable so you can have both a clean conscience and clean teeth.

♻️ Recycled - We use regenerated recycled plastic blended into our heads

🦷 Non Toxic - BPA-free and non-toxic; clean!

⚙️ Metal Free - No metal or copper in our heads; less material less waste.

🌱 Bristles – Plant-based twirled medium bristles for a perfect dental clean.

📮 Return & Recycle - Place old heads into the resealable pouch and return. ♻️

*Oralb® are owned by a third party without any affiliation or sponsorship with booheads®


🦷 Compatible with OralB*

*Does not fit Vitality® Sonic, Oral-B Sonic Complete®, Pulsonic®, CrossAction Power® battery toothbrush, Oral-B Complete® battery toothbrush, and 3D White® batter toothbrush.
‡Booheads is not associated with, or a representative of them or any such companies related.


♻️ Recycled ABS and ABS mixture. 🌎 PLA additive that is biodegradable.
🌱Blend of nylon and castor oil.


🚰 Rinse before and after use.

👨‍⚕️ Dentist recommend anything between 2-4 months for replacing your head.


Shipping Times 📦

Over £15 Spend

  • Free Standard Shipping- 5-7 business days = £0.00
  • 1st Class - 1-3 business days = £2.49 GBP
  • Tracked48 - Tracked 2 business days = £3.49 GBP

Under £15 Spend

  • Standard Shipping 5-7 business days = £1.49 GBP
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International Shipping Details:

  • Express International —2 to 11 business days = £9.99 GBP
  • Standard International —3 to 17 business days = £6.99 GBP
  • Economy International — 10 to 60 business days = £4.99 GBP

*Please be aware delivery times can fluctuate due to circumstances beyond our control.

Recycling and Return

📮 Place the heads in the pouch and simply post them back to us.
♻️ We then guarantee their recycling

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Tina Wilkinson

This company has sent items which I haven't ordered and have taken money from my bank account. BEWARE!

June Jones
A great alternative

These booheads work just as well as any other electric toothbrush head. We need more ideas like this - recyclable goods which are as good if not better than their waste-clogging, earth shattering alternatives!

So soft and gentle on my teeth

I love the bristles so much. I’m impressed by these. Would definitely purchase again.

Kevin Wai
Only good and effective for first few weeks

I found out the packet they were good, just like the normal oral b heads, but after a few weeks, the mechanisms gets a bit loose and have noticed that when brushing, the head doesn't rotate like it does new and therefore felt my teeth weren't as clean as before. It also starts pinching your lip at this point.
It's a shame as I really liked the concept of them being biodegradable and recyclable, but I'm not very comfortable with the compromise of how effective they were at cleaning after a few weeks. A packet of 3 probably last me 2 months....

Mis-selling Their Recycling Green Claims

I swapped my Oral-B recycled heads supplier to booheads based on their recycling/green claims, but their claims of taking back the heads for recycling are false.

They continue to state on their website and packaging "Place the heads in the pouch and simply post them back to us. We then guarantee their recycling". I have tried to contact booheads over many months asking how to return as there is nothing on the website or pack to say how/where to send used items back to. They finally responded to say "We will come back to you shortly as we are changing suppliers on who can receive and recycle our returns."

This has been on going since they launched this product months ago. In the age of green-washing this is not acceptable.


The simple swap

Plastic Polution

EVERY toothbrush you EVER owned is STILL HERE on this planet 🌎
Be part of the solution to plastic polution....

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