Materials & Compatibility




At booheads we are dedicated to manufacturing our products from plant based materials.
We feel Infusing these materials into products is all part of making positive steps in the journey to our ultimate sustainability goals. 

Materials used in our bamboo electric toothbrush heads comprise of a mixture of materials so we thought we would share some factoids about our material family. 

Has great tensile strength than steel and is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers.
    Grows x4 faster than traditional wood and harvesting doesn't kill the crop making it sustainable at speed.​
      Produces 35% more oxygen and consumes more CO2 compared to hardwood trees.
        Also helps prevent soil erosion whilst being able to regenerate once fruitless soil.


        Entirely biodegradable taking 3/6 months to turn to compost in at home.

        Renewable and sustainable, it can decompose and be used as fertilizer.

        It’s non-allergenic, gluten-free and it's natural fibres make it sturdy without the additives.

        Additional income for wheat farmers by selling as a byproduct.



        Derived from corn, doesn’t contain toxins and is a totally renewable resource.

        Estimated 68% less greenhouse emissions are emitted in production.

        Corn starch plastic can be composted in facilities for industrial composting.

        PLA plastic is competitive in cost compared to petroleum and is safer to produce.




        Derived from the Ricinus communis plant.

        The beans are harvested and turned into Castor Oil.

        As a vegetable oil is widely used in many industries.

        Then converting into a bioplastic it is sustainable in it's production.




        Currently our head are compatible with Sonicare*. If in doubt look at the base of your electric toothbrush to find your code and search for it below:
        HX9332/04 HX3675/13 HX6712 HX6877/84 HX9392/96 HX9332/03 HX3673/14 HX6711 HX6877/28 HX9372/04 HX9332/05 HX3675/15 HX6720 HX6894 HX9393/82 HX9996/13 HX3714/01 HX6721/33 HX6897/22 HX939B HX2421/02 HX3724/02 HX6730 HX6902 HX939P HX2421/03 HX3734/03 HX6731 HX6910 HX939W HX2421/04 HX4100 HX6732 HX6911 HX9601/03 HX2421/05 HX4300 HX6732/42 HX6912 HX9609/04 HX2431/02 HX6011 HX6750 HX6920 HX9610/17 HX2431/06 HX6013 HX6760 HX6921/01 HX9611/21 HX2451/02 HX6014 HX6761 HX6921/02 HX9630/16 HX2451/08 HX6021 HX6770 HX6921/30 HX9631/16 HX2461/04 HX6030 HX6780 HX6930 HX9631/17 HX2461/06 HX6053 HX6781 HX6932 HX9649/03 HX282P HX6063 HX6782 HX6933 HX9661/02 HX3110 HX6064 HX6800/04 HX6942 HX9684/04 HX3120 HX6073 HX6800/06 HX6950 HX9690/05 HX3130 HX6100 HX6800/28 HX6952 HX9691 / 02 HX3210 HX6211 HX6800/44 HX6960 HX9691/02 HX3211/17 HX6212 HX6801/36 HX6970 HX9901/33 HX3211/45 HX6215/74 HX6801/37 HX6972 HX9901/43 HX3212/01 HX6220 HX6802/04 HX6980 HX9903/03 HX3212/03 HX6221/21 HX6802/28 HX6982 HX9903/13 HX3216/01 HX6221/22 HX6803/02 HX8902 HX9903/21 HX3216/13 HX6225/16 HX6803/04 HX8910 HX9903/49 HX3216/31 HX6231/01 HX6805/34 HX8911/02 HX9911/09 HX3220 HX6231/08 HX6806/02 HX8911/03 HX9911/13 HX3224 HX6240 HX6806/04 HX9003 HX9911/27 HX3226/22 HX6250 HX6807/02 HX9013 HX9911/94 HX3226/41 HX6275 HX6807/24 HX9110 HX9912/18 HX3226/51 HX62P HX6807/35 HX9111/12 HX9912/77 HX3230 HX6311 HX6807/51 HX9112 HX9912/78 HX3240 HX6312 HX6808/02 HX9140 HX9912/79 HX3250 HX6321 HX6809/02 HX9141 HX9913/17 HX3260 HX6370 HX6809/81 HX9160 HX9913/18 HX3296/50 HX6411 HX6810/50 HX9172/38 HX9914/54 HX3411/01 HX6421/51 HX6821/47 HX9182 HX9914/55 HX3411/04 HX6423/34 HX6829/71 HX9192/01 HX9924/21 HX3412/07 HX6431 HX6830/44 HX9194/54 HX9934 HX3412/34 HX6461/04 HX6830/53 HX9210 HX993P HX3620 HX6462/06 HX6837/24 HX9322 HX9944 HX3631/06 HX6463/50 HX6839/28 HX9340 HX9954 HX3640 HX6500 HX6850/60 HX9342 HX9954/53 HX3641/02 HX6510/22 HX6851/53 HX9350 HX9957/51 HX3641/11 HX6511/02 HX6851/59 HX9351/52 HX9964 HX3641/31 HX6511/22 HX6853/12 HX9352 HX9984 HX3651/11 HX6511/33 HX6855/12 HX9352/59 HX9984/48 HX3651/12 HX6511/51 HX6856/12 HX9360 HX9990/12 HX3651/13 HX6512/02 HX6857/20 HX9361/62 HX9992/11 HX3651/14 HX6512/35 HX6859/12 HX9362 R710 HX3671/11 HX6520 HX685T HX9362/47 R732 HX3671/13 HX6530 HX6871/42 HX9362/67 R910 HX3671/14 HX6616 HX6874/42 HX9363 R930 HX3673/11 HX6702 HX6877/21 HX9370 R950 HX3673/13 HX6710 HX6877/27 HX9371/71 RS910


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