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Oraboo - Biodegradable Electric Toothbrush Heads Compatible with OralB*

Oraboo - Biodegradable Electric Toothbrush Heads Compatible with OralB*

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🌍 Biodegradable – Our heads are biodegradable so you can have both a clean conscience and clean teeth.

♻️ Recycled - We use regenerated recycled plastic blended into our heads

🦷 Non Toxic - BPA-free and non-toxic; clean!

⚙️ Metal Free - No metal or copper in our heads; less material less waste.

🌱 Bristles – Plant-based twirled medium bristles for a perfect dental clean.

📮 Return & Recycle - Place old heads into the resealable pouch and return. ♻️

*Oralb® are owned by a third party without any affiliation or sponsorship with booheads®


🦷 Compatible with OralB*

*Does not fit Vitality® Sonic, Oral-B Sonic Complete®, Pulsonic®, CrossAction Power® battery toothbrush, Oral-B Complete® battery toothbrush, and 3D White® batter toothbrush.
‡Booheads is not associated with, or a representative of them or any such companies related.


♻️ Recycled ABS and ABS mixture. 🌎 PLA additive that is biodegradable.
🌱Blend of nylon and castor oil.


🚰 Rinse before and after use.

👨‍⚕️ Dentist recommend anything between 2-4 months for replacing your head.


Shipping Times 📦

  • UK Shipping - 3-5 Working days
  • Europe Shipping - 5-7 Working days
  • International Shipping - 7-10 Working days

    *Please be aware delivery times can fluctuate due to circumstances beyond our control

Shipping Costs 👛

  • UK Shipping - Free
  • Rest of world - £5 / (Local Currency converted)

Recycling and Return

📮 Place the heads in the pouch and simply post them back to us.
♻️ We then guarantee their recycling

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Fit perfectly

Love them, they fit perfectly on my toothbrush and don't feel harsh against the gums. The only problem is having tot pay customs but in total with that they are around the same price as any plastic heads you can buy here in Sweden so it's worth the extra money.

Becky Edwards

The toothbrush heads are amazing great quality and cheaper then expensive brands and I think these are better for fraction of the price

Great 😃

Fits on my oral B toothbrush perfectly and feels as sturdy as a regular toothbrush. Love that I can send them back for recycling!

Priyanshree Panchal
Good Quality

Very good quality!

Like the idea but....

They're pretty good I suppose but i just don't think they compare to the cross action oralb in terms of hardness or oscillation. Just seems a bit limited in terms of movement. The brush also has quite a large gap between the head and the moving part which often catches on the lips or side of the mouth. I love the idea of having a recyclable product but I'm not super impressed.

If you like a softer brush then this would probably suit you better than the official ones or other products that are recyclable but meh.

The simple swap

Plastic Polution

EVERY toothbrush you EVER owned is STILL HERE on this planet 🌎
Be part of the solution to plastic polution....

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