Our Solutions

At booheads we are dedicated to manufacturing our products from plant based materials. 🌱

We feel Infusing these materials into products is all part of making positive steps in the journey to our ultimate sustainability goals.  🌍

Our bamboo electric toothbrush heads comprise of a mixture of materials so we thought we would share some factoids about our material family.  🔍

  • Bamboo

    • Has great tensile strength than steel and is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers.
    • Grows 4x faster than traditional wood and harvesting doesn't kill the crop making it sustainable at speed.​
    • Produces 35% more oxygen and consumes more CO2 compared to hardwood trees.
    • Helps prevent soil erosion whilst being able to regenerate once fruitless soil.
  • Corn Starch

    • Derived from corn, doesn’t contain toxins and is a totally renewable resource.
    • Estimated 68% less greenhouse emissions are emitted in production.
    • Corn starch plastic can be composted in facilities for industrial composting.
    • PLA plastic is competitive in cost compared to petroleum and is safer to produce.
  • Wheat Straw

    • Entirely biodegradable taking 3/6 months to turn to compost in at home.
    • Renewable and sustainable, it can decompose and be used as fertilizer.
    • It’s non-allergenic, gluten-free and it's natural fibres make it sturdy without the additives.
    • Additional income for wheat farmers by selling as a byproduct.
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