Why we support?

💚 At Booheads, we are passionate about collaborating with like-minded changemakers to bring sustainable solutions and support to the forefront.

🌎 Together, we strive to make conscious decisions that drive positive impact and create a better future for all.

💪 As a part of the Booheads family, you can trust that we are always working tirelessly to provide you with sustainable solutions that make a difference. 🌍 #Sustainablesmiles #Changemakers #BetterFuture.

  • FSC® Sourced suppliers

    We source from FSC certified suppliers. We do this to ensure that we promote responsible management of the world's forests.🌲

  • Ecologi® Donator

    For every purchase we donated to Ecologi and we plant a tree 🌳 We are joining the mission to reduce 55% of the World's Emissions by 2040 through Collective Action.

  • ESG Mark Member

    Being a member of ESG Mark® means we work with a community of people and organisations that are commited to developing responsible businesses. 🌍

  • Less Plastic supporter

    Supporting the less plastic movement an non-profit, community interest company raising awareness of ocean plastic by providing practical solutions. 🌊