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What is a Boohead?

bamboo electric toothbrush heads
If you are using one of our heads, then you are a boohead!

A boohead is someone that makes a conscious choice to choose biodegradable, sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable (any more buzz words?!) electric toothbrush heads. It doesn’t matter what eco-friendly material it is made from, just that it is better than plastic and you want to reduce your plastic waste. 🌱

So, what specifically makes up the body of our original bamboo electric toothbrush head? We call it the Soniboo… This boohead was born initially from bamboo. The neck is where it starts and is made from a solid piece which is then shaped into its figure, you see.  🎍

Once it has been shaped, it goes on a break before the next stage. It then goes off into a bracket, which holds the brush ready for the bristles to be added.  🧹

The last thing to go on the boohead is the plug, made out of PLA which stands for Polylactic Acid. PLA comes from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. 🌽

So there you have it! Our bamboo sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable electric toothbrush head! 🚀
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