Bamboo heads compatibility

Currently our head are compatible with Sonicare*. If in doubt look at the base of your electric toothbrush to findyour code and search for it below:

HX9332/04 HX3675/13 HX6712 HX6877/84 HX9392/96 HX9332/03 HX3673/14 HX6711 HX6877/28 HX9372/04 HX9332/05 HX3675/15 HX6720 HX6894 HX9393/82 HX9996/13 HX3714/01 HX6721/33 HX6897/22 HX939B HX2421/02 HX3724/02 HX6730 HX6902 HX939P HX2421/03 HX3734/03 HX6731 HX6910 HX939W HX2421/04 HX4100 HX6732 HX6911 HX9601/03 HX2421/05 HX4300 HX6732/42 HX6912 HX9609/04 HX2431/02 HX6011 HX6750 HX6920 HX9610/17 HX2431/06 HX6013 HX6760 HX6921/01 HX9611/21 HX2451/02 HX6014 HX6761 HX6921/02 HX9630/16 HX2451/08 HX6021 HX6770 HX6921/30 HX9631/16 HX2461/04 HX6030 HX6780 HX6930 HX9631/17 HX2461/06 HX6053 HX6781 HX6932 HX9649/03 HX282P HX6063 HX6782 HX6933 HX9661/02 HX3110 HX6064 HX6800/04 HX6942 HX9684/04 HX3120 HX6073 HX6800/06 HX6950 HX9690/05 HX3130 HX6100 HX6800/28 HX6952 HX9691 / 02 HX3210 HX6211 HX6800/44 HX6960 HX9691/02 HX3211/17 HX6212 HX6801/36 HX6970 HX9901/33 HX3211/45 HX6215/74 HX6801/37 HX6972 HX9901/43 HX3212/01 HX6220 HX6802/04 HX6980 HX9903/03 HX3212/03 HX6221/21 HX6802/28 HX6982 HX9903/13 HX3216/01 HX6221/22 HX6803/02 HX8902 HX9903/21 HX3216/13 HX6225/16 HX6803/04 HX8910 HX9903/49 HX3216/31 HX6231/01 HX6805/34 HX8911/02 HX9911/09 HX3220 HX6231/08 HX6806/02 HX8911/03 HX9911/13 HX3224 HX6240 HX6806/04 HX9003 HX9911/27 HX3226/22 HX6250 HX6807/02 HX9013 HX9911/94 HX3226/41 HX6275 HX6807/24 HX9110 HX9912/18 HX3226/51 HX62P HX6807/35 HX9111/12 HX9912/77 HX3230 HX6311 HX6807/51 HX9112 HX9912/78 HX3240 HX6312 HX6808/02 HX9140 HX9912/79 HX3250 HX6321 HX6809/02 HX9141 HX9913/17 HX3260 HX6370 HX6809/81 HX9160 HX9913/18 HX3296/50 HX6411 HX6810/50 HX9172/38 HX9914/54 HX3411/01 HX6421/51 HX6821/47 HX9182 HX9914/55 HX3411/04 HX6423/34 HX6829/71 HX9192/01 HX9924/21 HX3412/07 HX6431 HX6830/44 HX9194/54 HX9934 HX3412/34 HX6461/04 HX6830/53 HX9210 HX993P HX3620 HX6462/06 HX6837/24 HX9322 HX9944 HX3631/06 HX6463/50 HX6839/28 HX9340 HX9954 HX3640 HX6500 HX6850/60 HX9342 HX9954/53 HX3641/02 HX6510/22 HX6851/53 HX9350 HX9957/51 HX3641/11 HX6511/02 HX6851/59 HX9351/52 HX9964 HX3641/31 HX6511/22 HX6853/12 HX9352 HX9984 HX3651/11 HX6511/33 HX6855/12 HX9352/59 HX9984/48 HX3651/12 HX6511/51 HX6856/12 HX9360 HX9990/12 HX3651/13 HX6512/02 HX6857/20 HX9361/62 HX9992/11 HX3651/14 HX6512/35 HX6859/12 HX9362 R710 HX3671/11 HX6520 HX685T HX9362/47 R732 HX3671/13 HX6530 HX6871/42 HX9362/67 R910 HX3671/14 HX6616 HX6874/42 HX9363 R930 HX3673/11 HX6702 HX6877/21 HX9370 R950 HX3673/13 HX6710 HX6877/27 HX9371/71 RS910

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