booheads - 1PK - Biodegradable Eco Toothbrush | Biodegradable,Recyclable and plant-based

booheads - 1PK - Biodegradable Eco Toothbrush | Biodegradable,Recyclable and plant-based

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booheads - 1PK - Zero Waste Eco Toothbrush | Biodegradable,Recyclable and plant-based ✌️

🌍 Biodegradable – Our toothbrush handles are biodegradable & compost into biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

🌱 Plant Based – Proud to be made from plant-based materials derived from sugarcane cassava and corn.

♻️ Zero Waste – Our recycling system keeps our planet and products revitalised without creating landfill and ocean waste.

🦷 Bristles – The plant-based medium bristles make for a perfect dental clean.

🪥Considered Design – Ergonomically designed and free-standing structure.

⭕️ booheadway on recycling - We replace the recycling hassle with trust, ensuring your toothbrushes don't pollute the environment and we revitalize them into a new life through a circular system.

📮 When you receive your order, place old toothbrushes into the pre-paid box and post them back.

Our booheads toothbrushes then undergo a rigorous recycling and purification process returning them to raw material ready to be made into brand new booheads toothbrushes

This pack features 1 plant-based booheads toothbrush


  • These heads are compatible with Sonicare*.
  • Check the base of your electric toothbrush to find your code and search for it here

How to use


  • Wet the bamboo first before putting it into your mouth.
  • Rinse thoroughly after use.


  • Dentist recommend anything betwen 2-4 months for replacing your head.
  • Bamboo is a natural product and can become rough overtime, replace accordingly.


  • Cut off the bristles then you can dispose of it the friendly way.

Check your local refuge for below guidelines*

  • Recycling
  • Garden Waste
  • Industrial composting


Shipping Times

  • UK Shipping: 3-5 Working days
  • Europe Shipping: 5-7 Working days
  • International Shipping: 7-10 Working days

    *Please be aware delivery times can fluctuate due to circumstances beyond our control

Shipping Costs

  • UK Shipping: Free
  • Rest of world: £5 / (Local Currency converted)
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Maintain tooth and planet health 🦷 🌎

Plastic Polution

Every plastic toothbrush you have ever owned is still on this planet. 🌎

We focus on plant based materials and reduction of single use plastics. 🌱

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