Proud news 🙏 Supporting Social Entreprise with new partnership!

Proud news 🙏 Supporting Social Entreprise with new partnership!

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Mailout, a social enterprise that's part of Unity Works. 🎉

Unity Works is dedicated to showcasing the talents of individuals with learning disabilities, helping them secure meaningful employment. 🌟

By choosing Mailout, your support goes beyond just using our products. Everything spent on fulfillment is reinvested into training programs, empowering more trainees and expanding the initiative.🤝✌️

As we integrate more services from booheads, we're deepening our commitment to their mission, making a tangible impact on the planet and enhancing the lives of our people. 🌍💚

This milestone is a significant one in the booheads journey. Your continued support over the past three years has not only grown our company but also fueled impactful social initiatives. For this, I'm profoundly grateful. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making a difference with every purchase. 🙏

Recycle Update ♻️

We can now reinstate our recycling programme for our booheads. 

Please send to the below address

27a Greenwood Place,

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