Composting the dream, or just a dream?

We are regularly asked at booheads HQ, are you bamboo electric toothbrush heads compostable? 

If you have read our “Disposing of your head” you will know we are partially compostable. 

100% home compostable is a dream for us, however there are some legitimate reasons as to why; 

You may already notice other eco-friendly products you try to compost don’t seem to degrade, or some degrade more than others. 

The issue is the conditions of each home compost will be different, their ecosystem will have a different make up meaning some bamboo electric toothbrush heads may degrade faster in some and not others. 

If you want to give it a bash, cut off your bristles (as we don’t want them to spoil the compost) and put it in - then wait.

The key is to get it into industrial composting as the conditions are regulated and controlled so that the decomposing of waste products by it’s organisms is efficient and effective. 

Again check where your local one is, if your refuge goes there, and if you have a garden waste bin how it is disposed of.

Do you even compost bro?